R.M. Kanani & Company

Enhancing Indian cousin since 1900, Laxmi Hing welcomes you
to the land of ambrosial flavours offering a variety of authentic Asafoetida (Hing) in crystal and powder form.
Each type provides veritable tastes of cuisines from all across the country.

Trusted Name

Over 120 years of experience in the industry has helped Laxmi Hing to emerge as a trusted name in India.

Grandma's Choice

If you are looking for the authentic and hygienically produced Asafoetida, then Laxmi Hing is the perffect choice.


Laxmi Hing caters to all the segments of the market and offers unbeatable quality at a competitive price.

Global Market

We are exporting to USA, UK, South Africa, West Affrica, Middle East, Morocco, Thailand, Shi Lanka, Australia, and New Zealand.


  • Laxmi Premium Yellow
  • Laxmi A1 Powder
  • Laxmi Deluxe Powder
  • Laxmi Yellow Powder
  • Laxmi Extra Powder


  • Laxmi Golden Powder
  • Laxmi No.1 Powder
  • Laxmi Special Premium No.1
  • Gajalaxmi Special No.1
  • Gajalaxmi Yellow Powder


  • Laxmi Premium Khada
  • Laxmi Deluxe Khada
  • Laxmi K-1 Khada
  • Laxmi Garud Khada
  • Laxmi Compounded Khada