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LAXMI HING has a history of over 100 years. It is established in the year 1900. Rannchoddas M. Kanani and Jamnadas Premji together incorporated the brand, started and flourished the business of manufacturing, processing, and selling hing (Asafoetida). The company has grown since the last 120 years by the Four generations of Jamnadas Premji.

R M Kanani & Co. - Partners ( Vadodara & Mumbai)

From the year 1983, R M Kanani & Co. has doubled the production facility each in Vadodara (Gujarat) to facilitate and supply the increasing market demand of "Laxmi Hing." With a long term vision, in the year 1991 total production facility was centralized and shifted to Vadodara, keeping the sales and export office in Mumbai.

As of now, including a manufacturing facility in Vadodara and administrative offices in Mumbai R M Kanani & Co. is a team of over 80 hardworking and focused people. It's proud to have the majority of them with the company for more than two decades.

R M Kanani & Co. believes in teamwork. Without our employees, the company couldn't have run over 100 years, providing the world with superior quality. R M Kanani & Co. has a strong foundation of excellence and commitment to its customers. The company strives to be respectful, honest, and upright at all times. R M Kanani & Co. does this by treating its employees well, giving its customers a consistently exceptionally great product, and building mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with its suppliers and distributors. Customers' service is of utmost important at R M Kanani & Co., and it has been there for generations.

Our Team

The core team of Laxmi Hing is thriving to achieve the goals and carry forward the business by leaps and bounce.

Narendra Anjaria

Mukesh Anjaria

Piyush Kalwani

Jayesh Anjaria

Rajiv Anjaria


  • Laxmi Premium Yellow
  • Laxmi A1 Powder
  • Laxmi Deluxe Powder
  • Laxmi Yellow Powder
  • Laxmi Extra Powder


  • Laxmi Golden Powder
  • Laxmi No.1 Powder
  • Laxmi Special Premium No.1
  • Gajalaxmi Special No.1
  • Gajalaxmi Yellow Powder


  • Laxmi Premium Khada
  • Laxmi Deluxe Khada
  • Laxmi K-1 Khada
  • Laxmi Garud Khada
  • Laxmi Compounded Khada