Millions of Customers Love Laxmi Hing Products

R.M. Kanani & Co. is proud to provide people all over the world with top-quality asafoetida. While the spice is found in kitchens across India, it is also gaining prevalence as a world spice in such distant locations as England, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, South East Asia, Europe, and Africa. Literally millions of people have chosen R.M. Kanani'sLaxmi Hing line of asafoetida products because the company consistently delivers spices that are more flavorful, more affordable, and more beloved by consumers of Indian cuisine.

A Household Favorite

R.M. Kanani's compounded asafoetida is found in millions of kitchens all across India. Having a jar of Laxmi Hing powder or crystals on hand is the first step to properly seasoning a number of traditional Indian recipes. The bold, harmonizing flavors of cooked hing make a dash of asafetida a welcome addition to dishes that are sweet, savory, spicy, salty, or any combination thereof.

When choosing which brand of hing to keep on their kitchen shelf, more shoppers choose Laxmi Hing. This is both because Laxmi Hing has a long-standing, trusted name and because it offers superior taste and quality. With over one hundred years of experience, R.M. Kanani has perfected its extensive line of Laxmi Hing products for every cooking need while managing to keep the price of those products affordable on virtually any budget. Whether using the Asian spice as an onion substitute, a garlic substitute, or for its own specific flavor profile, no kitchen is complete without Laxmi Hing.

Shoppers turn to Laxmi Hing for more than its uses as a Middle Eastern spice. Like certain other Indian spices, asafetida is believed to have healing properties that make it an excellent herbal remedy. Used commonly in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, stomach disorders and even impotence, a household store of Laxmi Hing may improve health while also adding flavor to a wide variety of dishes.

Food Distributors & Supermarkets Turn to Laxmi Hing

Large food distributors choose Laxmi Hing because it is the trusted source of quality compounded asafoetida across India and around the world. With generations of experience and ongoing relationships with a number of spice providers, R.M. Kanani is the first choice for bandhanihing. Food distributors, supermarkets, smaller grocery stores, and importers of food products in other countries all choose to work with R.M. Kanani thanks to the company's reasonable prices, knowledgeable staff, and high-quality, in-demand product.

Chefs, Food Connoisseurs, and Restaurants are Raving

Of course, R.M. Kanani is not the only provider of compounded asafoetida, and yet time and time again food professionals and people with discerning tastes turn to Laxmi Hing for their spice needs. This is because over the last century R.M. Kanani has perfected the process of compounding the finest, most mouth-watering asafetida spice available anywhere in the world.

The company is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and a majority of R.M. Kanani employees have been with the company for over two decades. With such dedication to consistent quality, food lovers and professionals continually rely on R.M. Kanani for the most delicious asafoetida available on the market.