The R.M. Kanani Legacy

Since the year 1900, R.M. Kanani & Co. has been providing India and markets around the world with one of the most trusted brand names in compounded asafoetida, Laxmi Hing. A family company spanning four generations, R.M. Kanani has dedicated itself to providing its customers with a high quality, flavorful spice at an affordable price. Over a century later, the company remains the trusted choice for one of India's most unique and flavorful spices.

R.M. Kanani is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible product that is both easily accessible and affordable. Short term gains are of little interest to a company with such a long-standing history as R.M. Kanani. The company understands that the customer is the lifeblood of any organization, and thus R.M. Kanani strives to provide its customers with top-quality spices worthy of any kitchen.

R.M. Kanani is also dedicated to serving the needs of the company's many employees. Based in Vadodara, India, R.M. Kanani employs more than one hundred people, all of whom contribute to the value and prominence of the Laxmi Hing brand. R.M. Kanani also has an administrative and sales office in Mumbai, an ideal setting for bringing the flavor of Laxim Hing to the world at large.

Our Employees

With a manufacturing facility in Vadodara and administrative offices in Mumbai, R.M. Kanani employs over one hundred people, the majority of whom have been with the company for over two decades. R.M. Kanani believes that a company cannot stand without its employees. It is because of the company's familial base and the unshakeable dedication of its employees that R.M. Kanani has been able to consistently provide the world with superior hing for generations.

Our Promise

R.M. Kanani is built on a strong foundation of excellence and commitment to its customers. No corners are cut in the way the company is run or in the way the products are made. Over the last century, little has changed in the way that R.M. Kanani does business: the company strives to be respectful, honest, and upright at all times. R.M. Kanani does this by treating its employees well, giving its customers a consistently exceptional product, and building mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with its suppliers and distributors. Customer service is of the utmost importance at R.M. Kanani, and it has been for generations.

An ISO certified company, the mission of R.M. Kanani is to serve the customer first and foremost. The company has a sincere interest in the beliefs, interests, and concerns of its customers. With that mindset always prevalent, R.M. Kanani never opts for short term gains at the expense of the consumer. Rather, the company is interested in building relationships with its customers that will last for generations. By serving the needs of its customers, employees and society at large, R.M. Kanani hopes to create value for India and the world.